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His father

The Baron Pierre de Bonvoisin (1903-1982) was :

  • Lecturer of financial economy at the University of Louvain.
  • Chairman of the Banque de la Société Générale de Belgique (The first bank in the country to reach, thanks to him, international influence, especially in the United States). When he also became Chairman of the Banque du Congo Belge, he put an end to apartheid practices which prevailed in matters of appointments.
  • One of the founders of the International Institute of Banking Studies.
  • Chairman of the Belgian Office of the International Chamber of Commerce.
  • Chairman of the Belgian League of Multiple Sclerosis.
  • One of the counsellors of King Baudouin.
Le baron de Bonvoisin faisant les honneurs du Centre Belge de la Sclérose en Plaques à S.M. la Reine Fabiola
Baron de Bonvoisin doing the honours and showing H.M. Queen Fabiola around the Belgian Centre for multiple Sclerosis.
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