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Alexandre Galopin (1879-1944).

During World War I, at the request of the French Government and in collaboration with the United States, he played an important part in the War Effort which led to victory. Though he was a civilian, he was exceptionally awarded the military medal of the Légion d'Honneur by the French Government.

He became Governor of the first Belgian Holding, the Société Générale de Belgique. During World War II, King Léopold entrusted him with the organization of the " economic resistance " to the occupying forces. The King urged him by all means to attempt to save workers from deportation to factories in Germany and to ensure the food supply to the Belgian population.

Within the scope of his governorship he was Chairman of the Union Minière, a mining company located in High Katanga, Belgian Congo .

He made a point of surrounding himself with the best of colleagues who participated in implementing the strategies defined with him. Thus, Edgard Sengier, Managing-Director of the Union Minière du Haut Katanga (UMHK), fulfilled a key mission in Project Manhattan, which gave the United States the lead in the development of the atomic weapon. At the same time, with the help of the resistance (" Captain Freddy " 's network), he managed to prevent the occupying enemy from laying hands on a large part of the fissile matters which were stored in Belgium.

Through its raw materials, the UMHK brought the English war effort a major support.

On February 28 th, 1944, four months before the Allied landings and a few weeks after coming into possession of the list of Belgian double-dealers who all at once acted in the Resistance and collaborated with the enemy, he was assassinated on his own doorstep by collaborators of the Nazis.

Inauguration, at Antwerp in 1939, of the new liner M.S. Baudouinville, flagship of the Compagnie Maritime Belge, by H.M. King Léopold III, who is accompanied by Prince Baudouin, after whom the ship was named.
M. Alexandre Galopin stands to the right of the picture."
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